Lean and Stout


Lean adjective - Having a noticeably small amount of body fat.
Usage example: all of the marathoners are extremely lean

Stout is an antonym for lean.

Nearby Words: leaning, leaned, leanness, leant


Stout adjective - Being compact and broad in build and often short in stature.
Usage example: the wrestler is stout in build, so he is frequently underestimated by his opponents

Lean is an antonym for stout in topics: fat, overweight.

Nearby Words: stoutness, stoutly

Both words in one sentence

  • Characters / Guilded Age Stout Strength: While certainly not fat, in his youth Scipio is shown to have been slim and lean whereas now he has a more powerful, stocky physique.
  • In addition to physical attributes (Holmes tall and lean, Watson shorter and stout), Holmes leaps into plans without explanation and follows up on wild clues.
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