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Leave verb – To cause to remain behind.
Park is a synonym for leave. In some cases you can use "Park" instead a verb "Leave".
Nearby Words: leaving, leaven, leaved, leaver
Synonyms for Leave


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Park verb – Maneuver a vehicle into a parking space.
Leave is a synonym for park in put topic. You can use "Leave" instead a verb "Park", if it concerns topics such as action, place vehicle in a position.
Nearby Words: parked, parkway, parkland, parking, parky
Synonyms for Park

How words are described

good good leave good park
nice nice leave nice park
complete complete leave complete park
friendly friendly leave friendly park
Other adjectives: single, real, huge, little, underground, spin-off, biggest.

Common collocations

corpse leave corpse park corpse
car leave car park car
ship leave ship park ship

Both words in one sentence

  • Holodeck Malfunction The episode "Once Upon a Planet" featured the crew returning to the amusement park planet of "Shore Leave" (see Live Action TV) to find that it was now actually hostile.
  • Take That: If guests don't like your zoo and begin to leave, they'll mention going to an amusement park instead.
  • In almost any episode where the Simpsons leave Springfield, their destination is the Theme Park Version.
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