Legal and Unfair


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Legal adjective – Following or according to the rules.
Usage example: the referee declared it a legal play

Unfair is an antonym for legal.
Nearby Words: legalize, legally, legality, legalization, legist
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Unfair adjective – Not being in accordance with the rules or standards of what is fair in sport.
Usage example: a team that is notorious throughout the league for its record of unfair play

Legal is an antonym for unfair in prejudiced topic.
Nearby Words: unfairness, unfairly
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Things that words describes

claim legal claim unfair claim
process legal process unfair process
contract legal contract unfair contract
system legal system unfair system
Other nouns: way, punishment, reasons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Joker Jury O'Neill points out how unfair this is, only to be shot down since it's part of their legal system.
    Source: Joker Jury
  • The concept for Ace Attorney is based on, as well as a heavy parody of, the heinously unfair and brutal legal system of Japan that was in use at the time of the series' creation.
  • The Unfair Sex: Apparently the rationale behind the Canadian legal system's decisions relating to Shirley.
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