Legendary and Real


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Legendary adjective – Based on, described in, or being a myth.
Usage example: the unicorn is a legendary creature

Real is an antonym for legendary in topics: famous, fictitious but well known.
Nearby Word: legend
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Real adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: asked her parents if the Tooth Fairy was real

Legendary is an antonym for real.
Nearby Words: realize, realise, reality, realistic, really
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Similar words of legendary
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Similar words of real
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Things that words describes

character legendary character real character
power legendary power real power
hero legendary hero real hero
man legendary man real man
Other nouns: example, characters, game, story, battle, monster, king, father, killer, weapons, heroes, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Messianic Archetype A similar myth exists about Frederick Barbarossa, who was a real historical figure, and a number of others, some real, some altogether legendary.
  • Most heroes of American folklore, Davy Crockett (legendary version and the real man), Mike Fink, John Henry, Pecos Bill, etc., had version of this, often called brags.
  • He was legendary for his wealth and genius, in a manner similar to the real world's Howard Hughes.
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