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Let on verb – Make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret.
Tell is a synonym for let on in reveal topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Let on", when it comes to topics like acknowledge.
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Tell verb – To give an oral or written account of in some detail.
Usage example: they told the story of how they had met

Let on is a synonym for tell. You can use "Let on" instead a verb "Tell".
Nearby Words: telling, teller
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Both terms in one sentence

  • Subverted in No Rest for the Wicked, where Jack says, "I'd tell you "Jack, son of..." ...but my dad made me swear never t' let on I'm his."
  • Webcomic / No Rest for the Wicked I Am X, Son of Y: The Boy: "I'd tell you 'Jack, son of...' ...But my dad made me swear never t' let on I'm his." I Did What I Had to Do: Red explains that the witch was already dead.
  • Literature / Kiki Strike Mysterious Past: It's hard for Ananka to tell who or what Kiki is because she won't let on.
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