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Letter noun – A message on paper from one person or group to another.
Symbol is a synonym for letter in character topic. In some cases you can use "Symbol" instead a noun "Letter", when it comes to topics like publishing, representation, technology, alphabetical character. popular alternative
Nearby Words: lettering, lettered, letterhead
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Symbol noun – A written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader.
Usage example: the symbol ¶ indicates where a new paragraph should begin

Letter is a synonym for symbol in sign topic. You can use "Letter" instead a noun "Symbol", if it concerns topics such as publishing, representation, technology. popular alternative
Nearby Words: symbolic, symbolized, symbolism, symbolical, symbolised
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How words are described

old old letter old symbol
special special letter special symbol
common common letter common symbol
certain certain letter certain symbol
Other adjectives: original, chosen, real, large, important, famous, personal, new, mysterious, official, strange, different, giant, greek, stylized.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / IBM Personal Computer Unlike the similar MDA's mode it used 8×8 matrix for a one symbol, which, accounting for letter and row separations, left only 7×7 for symbol itself, at best.
  • "X" Makes Anything Cool XXX is their generic symbol for an antimatter reactor, as the letter has similar connotations to the Greek letter Omega.
  • Lucky Charms Title The "A"s in "Stargate" are always rendered in the show's titles as the Ancient symbol "At" (A symbol resembling the Greek letter Λ; crowned by a small circle).
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