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Level adjective – Having a surface without bends, breaks, or irregularities.
Smoothly and level are semantically related In some cases you can use "Smoothly" instead an adverb "Level".
Nearby Words: leveled, levelled, leveling
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Smoothly adverb – Without difficulty.
Level and smoothly are semantically related in evenly topic. Sometimes you can use "Level" instead an adverb "Smoothly".
Nearby Words: smooth, smoothness, smoother
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  • Beef Gate Ashenvale is a particularly notable offender, since that zone is smoothly connected to a much higher-level zone (Felwood) with no obvious "danger ahead" signs.
    Source: Beef Gate
  • Literature / Coiling Dragon Absurdly Sharp Blade: Bloodviolet can cut a tree so smoothly it won't budge, the Wind Saint level Spell Dimensional Edge, which appears to be a giant 4~5 meters long blade, cuts through reality.
  • However, by The Alloy of Law, set in the same world several hundred years down the line, the Empire has been dissolved and the government is democratically elected and runs seemingly smoothly outside of a fairly normal level of corruption.
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