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Lifetime noun – The period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress.
Usage example: the lifetime of the camera's batteries was so short we couldn't get through a day trip without having to replace them

Time is a synonym for lifetime in length topic. In some cases you can use "Time" instead a noun "Lifetime", when it comes to topics like existence. popular alternative
Nearby Word: life
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Time noun – The period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress.
Usage example: how much time will the project take?

Lifetime is a synonym for time in period topic. You can use "Lifetime" instead a noun "Time", if it concerns topics such as length. popular alternative
Nearby Words: timed, timely, timing, timeout, timeliness
Synonyms for Time

How words are described

full full lifetime full time
long long lifetime long time
normal normal lifetime normal time
brief brief lifetime brief time
Other adjectives: short, current, original, free, many, single, entire, big, great, final, less, limited, extra, remaining, worst, next, different, previous, shorter.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / House In the series finale House fakes his own death, risking jail time and a lifetime ban on returning to medicine, so that he can be with Wilson for his final 5 months alive.
  • Literature / The Time Traveler's Wife At any time, usually when under extreme stress, he can and will disappear and reappear at any time, mostly within his lifetime.
  • First Time in the Sun In the True Pacifist Ending of Undertale, the six boss monsters you befriended along the way enjoy the sun for the first time after a lifetime in the Underworld.
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