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Likable adjective – Easy to like; agreeable.
Sweet is a synonym for likable in nice topic. In some cases you can use "Sweet" instead an adjective "Likable".
Nearby Words: liking, liked
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Sweet adjective – Having an easygoing and pleasing manner especially in social situations.
Usage example: a very sweet man directed us to the lost and found

Likable is a synonym for sweet. You can use "Likable" instead an adjective "Sweet".
Nearby Words: sweeten, sweetness, sweetly, sweetie, sweetening
Synonyms for Sweet

Things that words describes

love likable love sweet love
person likable person sweet person
girl likable girl sweet girl
disposition likable disposition sweet disposition
Other nouns: character, man, guy, woman, nature, way, example, personality, prince, side, version, child, persona, kids, guys.

Both words in one sentence

  • Runaway Bride The actual jilting happens off-screen, presumably because the would be bride was so likable and sweet natured Danny would come across as too much of a Jerkass to audience.
    Source: Runaway Bride
  • Series / The Wire Break the Cutie: Randy in season four may have been a mischievous and somewhat naive teen, but he's also a sweet and likable person that no one wanted to do bad things to.
  • Out-of-Character Alert - When Amy calls the camp Jennifer is supposed to arrive at to see if she was actually kidnapped, she's told that not only did a kid named Jennifer Smith arrive, but she's very sweet and likable.
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