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Limited adjective – Having distinct or certain limits.
Total is an antonym for limited.
Nearby Words: limit, limitation, limiting
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Total adjective – Trying all possibilities.
Usage example: this was total war as far as the military was concerned, and no weapons system was off-limits

Limited is an antonym for total in complete topic.
Nearby Words: totaled, tot, totality, totaling, totalled
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Things that words describes

sense limited sense total sense
power limited power total power
control limited control total control
amount limited amount total amount
Other nouns: number, time, success.

Both words in one sentence

  • Puppeteer Parasite They may have limited or total access to the host's memory, but can generally fool casual observers.
  • But processors, operating systems, and software with 32-bit address spaces are limited to 4GB in total.
  • Video Game / PlanetSide Invisibility is a trait of the Infiltrator class in PS2, with a limited cloak duration and a 'shimmer' effect rather than total invisibility.
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