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Line noun – A series of persons or things arranged one behind another.
Usage example: the line for tickets stretched around the block

Succession is a synonym for line in ancestry topic. In some cases you can use "Succession" instead a noun "Line", when it comes to topics like stock, series, lineage.
Nearby Words: lined, linear, lineup, lineage, lineal
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Succession noun – Acquisition of property by descent or by will.
Line is a synonym for succession in sequence topic. You can use "Line" instead a noun "Succession", if it concerns topics such as line of descent.
Nearby Words: success, successive, successor, successively, successiveness
Synonyms for Succession

How words are described

old old line old succession
female female line female succession
long long line long succession
similar similar line similar succession
Other adjectives: short, direct, solid, actual, male, big, bad, main, royal, next, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Richard III's death ended the Wars of the Roses in favour of a line that had been officially excluded from succession by Henry IV.
  • The Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz starts with a contested succession, a barely of age King against the heiress of a long line of pretenders.
  • Comicbook / X-Men Since he can only teleport along a line-of-sight, he does this by teleporting over and over in rapid succession, similar to how he does Teleport Spam in combat, but in a straight line.
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