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Profile is a synonym for lines in mark topic. In some cases you can use "Profile" instead a noun "Lines", when it comes to topics like shape. popular alternative
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Profile noun – An outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side).
Lines is a synonym for profile in shape topic. You can use "Lines" instead a noun "Profile", if it concerns topics such as outline, side view. popular alternative
Nearby Words: profiled, profiling, profiler
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  • Fortunately, these quests typically provide players with honor lines in their profile.
  • Videogame / Portal 2 Donde esta—no, um... In the "Lab Rat" comic, Chell's profile includes five lines of binary near the bottom.
  • Video Game / Valkyria Chronicles His profile states that he grew up in isolation and is not used to social interactions, so he chose to be a sniper to avoid being on the front lines.
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