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Local adjective – Of or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality or neighborhood.
Parochial is a synonym for local in community topic. In some cases you can use "Parochial" instead an adjective "Local", when it comes to topics like place, provincial, limited, of a community. popular alternative
Nearby Words: location, locality, locale, localize, localised
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Parochial adjective – Not broad or open in views or opinions.
Local is a synonym for parochial in place topic. You can use "Local" instead an adjective "Parochial", if it concerns topics such as narrow-minded, provincial, limited. popular alternative
Nearby Word: parochialism
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school local school parochial school
customs local customs parochial customs

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  • Series / Father Ted After Ted angrily dismisses them and goes back inside the parochial house, the pair calmly discuss the local news.Ted: I am not a racist, alright?!
  • Like many a local ethnic group, their loyalty has been reinforced by the British regimental system in which each regiment is effectively a warrior-fraternity and the parochial eccentricities of each allow local traditions to be made an asset to the service of The Government.
  • They fail to see that this sort of thing is every bit as parochial as anything in the local provincial press...
    Source: Local Angle
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