Loneliness and Society


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Loneliness noun – Sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned.
Society is an antonym for loneliness.
Nearby Words: lonely, lonesome


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Society noun – The feeling of closeness and friendship that exists between companions.
Usage example: an evening marked by a lovely dinner and the society of our closest friends

Loneliness is an antonym for society.
Nearby Words: social, societal
Antonyms for Society
Similar words of loneliness
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Similar words of society
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How words are described

human human loneliness human society
old old loneliness old society
complete complete loneliness complete society
real real loneliness real society
Other adjectives: evil, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Amesoeurs Crapsack World: Amesoeurs paint society as this, being a world of bleakness, loneliness, and full of disease and overall depression.
  • It does a good job filling in Orcish society without whitewashing their brutality (when she finds him she seriously considers eating him, she rescues him out of loneliness as she has been on her own for so long.)
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