Long-lived and Short


Long-lived adjective - Lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: much to the relief of his parents, the youth's interest in the piano proved to be long-lived

Short is an antonym for long-lived.


Short adjective - Not lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: fortunately for those of us in the hot sun, the graduation speech was short and to the point

Long-lived is an antonym for short in abridged topic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Hellblazer Anyone Can Die: Many characters, those who were long-lived and short-lived, die horribly.
  • Our Elves Are Better Martin's Wild Cards are short, long-lived, pretty, flamboyant, posturing, smug, and have "magic" in the form of Psychic Powers and Organic Technology.
  • Methuselah's Children: The long-lived Howard families have ended their masquerade and the short-lived rest of humanity is upset.
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