Loose and Strict


Loose adjective - Not bound by rigid standards.
Usage example: the generally loose discipline practiced by many weekend dads

Strict is an antonym for loose in topics: indefinite, promiscuous, not tight.

Nearby Words: loosen, looseness, loosed, loosely


Strict adjective - Following an original exactly.
Usage example: not a strict translation, because a lot of the humor is in the wordplay

Loose is an antonym for strict.

Nearby Words: strictly, strictness

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / There Will Be Brawl Depending on how strict or loose you are in deciding which ones count, there were somewhere around sixteen "___ is the killer" or "___ did it" Wild Mass Guessing threads, and not a single one of them got it.
  • The Glasses Gotta Go One episode of Night Court features a bookish and morally strict woman who turns into a beautiful and sexually loose temptress when she removes her glasses.
  • Intimidating Revenue Service In other words, this loose definition gives the IRS the power to be lenient in granting 501(c)4 status to groups it favors, and quite strict in denying it to those it doesn't.
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