Loose and Thick


Loose adjective - Not tightly fastened, tied, or stretched.

Thick is an antonym for loose.

Nearby Words: loosen, looseness, loosed, loosely


Thick adjective - Having little space between items or parts.
Usage example: a hedge thick with gorse bushes

Loose is an antonym for thick in topics: friendly, deep, stupid, crowded, concentrated.

Both words in one sentence

  • They often keep on fighting without realizing that they're grievously injurednote Though their thick, loose skin prevents them from being injured too easily., which sometimes gets them killed.
  • When last used, several bolts failed to penetrate Smaug's thick scales, though one did knock loose a scale creating a vulnerability.
  • Gaucho The gauchos usualy wore "ponchos", -long, thick blankets which doubled as a saddle blanket and as sleeping bag,- loose-fitting trousers called bombachas belted with "tiradores", and a chiripá, a type of loincloth.
    Source: Gaucho
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