Lord and Noblewoman


Lord noun - A person of rank, power, or influence in a particular field.

Noblewoman is an antonym for lord.

Nearby Words: lordly, lordliness, lordship, lording, lorded


Noblewoman noun - A woman of the peerage in Britain.
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Synonyms for Noblewoman

Lord is an antonym for noblewoman.

Both words in one sentence

  • Badass Princess While technically not a princess, rather a noblewoman and daughter to a feudal lord, she managed to overthrow Satan himself and rule Hell's throne in her own right.
  • Randall Garrett's first Lord Darcy mystery, "The Eyes Have It", had this as its motive for homicide, as a noblewoman had killed her obsessed brother to stop him from raping her.
  • In "Lady Clare," a lengthy poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the titular noblewoman discovers that her nursemaid Alice is actually her biological mother, who had been the nursemaid of the real Lady Clare.
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