Lose and Succeed


Lose verb - To undergo defeat.
Usage example: she really hates to lose at anything, and inevitably throws tantrums when it happens

Succeed is an antonym for lose in topics: escape, mislay, be defeated.

Nearby Words: loser, losing


Succeed verb - To turn out as planned or desired.

Lose is an antonym for succeed in attain good outcome topic.

Nearby Word: succeeding

Common collocations

mind lose mind succeed mind
chance lose chance succeed chance
time lose time succeed time
way lose way succeed way
Other words: game, title, fight, times, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • At least two skill checks in the Billy Vs SNAKEMAN storyline quests are not to succeed in what your character is attempting, but just to lose "in an awesome and non-fatal way".
  • Yank the Dog's Chain They succeed, but lose their most promising summoner and are buried under Masakado's body.
  • However, this is very risky, and if it doesn't succeed, then they immediately lose.
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