Loss and Win


Loss noun - Failure to win a contest.
Usage example: we're discouraged by our loss on Friday, but we're training hard for next week's game nevertheless

Win is an antonym for loss in topics: misfortune, increase.

Nearby Word: losing


Win noun - An instance of defeating an enemy or opponent.
Usage example: a team with 12 wins and two losses

Loss is an antonym for win in topics: defeat, victory.

Nearby Words: winning, winner, wining

How words are described

complete complete loss complete win
instant instant loss instant win
total total loss total win
single single loss single win
Other adjectives: small, real, massive, large, big, huge, bad, early, major, near, automatic, immediate, possible, final, less, significant, subsequent, last, resulting.

Both words in one sentence

  • And he's much more graceful about the loss (and his previous wins), but considering what he has to deal with, it's to be expected that he'd be less concerned about his win/loss record.
  • Memetic Loser Look at his win/loss record, though, and notice that he has a record of 99 losses... and one win.
    Source: Memetic Loser
  • Invincible Hero Some of the rounds come down to a 3-2 win/loss ratios (with Ginta being last fighter to boot).
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