Love and Scorn


Love verb - To hold dear.
Usage example: patriots who loved their country well enough to die for it

Scorn is an antonym for love in topics: adore, passion, enjoy, have sexual relations.

Nearby Words: loving, lovely, lover, loved, lovable


Scorn noun - Open dislike for someone or something considered unworthy of one's concern or respect.
Usage example: has nothing but scorn for newfangled ideas of any kind

Love is an antonym for scorn in look down on topic.

Nearby Words: scornful, scorned, scornfully, scorning

How words are described

special special love special scorn
particular particular love particular scorn
extreme extreme love extreme scorn
intense intense love intense scorn
Other adjectives: serious, mutual.

Common collocations

idea love idea scorn idea
mother love mother scorn mother
humans love humans scorn humans
times love times scorn times
Other words: sister.

Both words in one sentence

  • Love Hurts In the light novels Guren recalls the love story 500 years ago that led the Hiragi Clan to scorn the Ichinose Clan.
    Source: Love Hurts
  • Creator / Todd Solondz The New York Times argued that it was asking if the main character, despite all his flaws, was deserving of love - unlike the other films, which heap scorn on the protagonists.
  • Double Standard If the love interest is a woman, she will have derision and scorn heaped upon her more likely than a male one.
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