Lovely and Pleasant


Lovely adjective - Very pleasing to look at.
Usage example: a lovely painting of young girls in their summer dresses

Pleasant is a synonym for lovely in wonderful topic. In some cases you can use "Pleasant" instead an adjective "Lovely", when it comes to topics like beautiful.

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Pleasant adjective - Giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses.

Lovely is a synonym for pleasant in pleasing topic. Sometimes you can use "Lovely" instead an adjective "Pleasant", if it concerns topics such as friendly, acceptable. informal substitute

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Jaime Murray Mean Character, Nice Actor: Despite her tendency to play villains, Jaime is a lovely and pleasant person as evidenced by her co-stars' praise. Ms.
  • Hell Hell of Dora Wilk Series seems like a fairly pleasant place when we see it for for the first time, with nice houses and lovely old town, but that's just residential area.
    Source: Hell
  • A pleasant smile and lovely manners even as he threatens to chop you up.
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