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Lover noun – A person with a strong and habitual liking for something.
Sweetheart is a synonym for lover in boyfriend topic. In some cases you can use "Sweetheart" instead a noun "Lover", when it comes to topics like person, beloved, darling, term of endearment. popular alternative
Nearby Words: love, loving, lovely, loved, lovable
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Sweetheart noun – A person with whom one is in love.
Usage example: I married my high-school sweetheart as soon as we both finished college

Lover is a synonym for sweetheart in person topic. You can use "Lover" instead a noun "Sweetheart", if it concerns topics such as beloved, darling, term of endearment, boyfriend. popular alternative
Synonyms for Sweetheart

How words are described

old old lover old sweetheart
devoted devoted lover devoted sweetheart
gentle gentle lover gentle sweetheart
best best lover best sweetheart
Other adjectives: true, dead, actual, real, huge, little, secret, former, caring, unnamed, long-lost.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dirty Sympathy, Daryan refers to his lover Klavier as "darling," "honey" or "sweetheart." It got so bad that those endearments become a Trigger to Klavier.
  • Ho Yay / Video Games While beaux can technically mean a frequent and attentive male companion (which Heavy most certainly is with Medic), it's most commonly associated with boyfriend, lover, sweetheart and other such terms.
  • Even Mooks Have Loved Ones: When one enemy soldier dies, he gasps out a woman's name, "surely a sweetheart's or a lover's." Some of the selkie also speak of returning to their wives.
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