Madness and Stupidity


Madness noun - Lack of good sense or judgment.
Usage example: to do something so reckless would be sheer madness

Stupidity is a synonym for madness in folly topic. In some cases you can use "Stupidity" instead a noun "Madness", when it comes to topics like insanity, irrationality. popular alternative

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Stupidity noun - The quality or state of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind.
Usage example: the stupidity of the dialogue between the two romantic leads had movie audiences giggling uncontrollably

Madness is a synonym for stupidity in foolishness topic. You can use "Madness" instead a noun "Stupidity", if it concerns topics such as irrationality, stupid act, extreme folly. popular alternative

Nearby Words: stupid, stupidly

How words are described

human human madness human stupidity
pure pure madness pure stupidity
typical typical madness typical stupidity
short short madness short stupidity
Other adjectives: complete, utter, total, true, sheer, simple, actual, constant, violent, extreme, supposed, inherent, general, apparent, outright, aforementioned.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Deep Red Obfuscating Stupidity: Marta, but it doesn't cover intelligence but rather utter madness.
  • The Wonka Gibbs rather flatly (and honestly) replies "Reason's got nothin' to do with it, mate." Sparrow's always been the way he is; a genius mix of madness, Obfuscating Insanity / Obfuscating Stupidity and Confusion Fu.
    Source: The Wonka
  • Video Game / Dragon Quest IX Stupidity Is the Only Option: Late in the game, you find a long-lost and heavily disfigured ally Chained to a Rock in the deepest, dankest part of a certain prison, repeating a very ugly Madness Mantra to himself.
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