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Maid noun – A female domestic servant.
Woman is a synonym for maid in person topic. In some cases you can use "Woman" instead a noun "Maid", when it comes to topics like lady, servant. popular alternative
Nearby Word: maiden
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Woman noun – An adult female human being.
Usage example: the first woman to become governor of the state

Maid is a synonym for woman in person topic. You can use "Maid" instead a noun "Woman", if it concerns topics such as lady, cleaning woman. literary substitute
Nearby Words: womanhood, womanly, womanish, womanliness
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How words are described

sweet sweet maid sweet woman
human human maid human woman
normal normal maid normal woman
fat fat maid fat woman
Other adjectives: dead, poor, real, little, ugly, black, innocent, young, attractive, pretty, beautiful, new, crazy, said, older, sexy, elderly, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Upon discovering she's a woman, she decides it's time to give up her life as a soldier in favor of being "a freaking lady" and Austria's maid.
  • Film / Horatio Hornblower Race Lift: In the books, Lady Barbara's maid Hebe is black, but in the film she's a white woman, probably supposed to be of Hispanic or Creole origin.
  • Series / Muñeca Brava Angélica is a troubled woman, because 18 years ago her son Federico left the maid Rosario pregnant, but was forced to get married with the fine lady Luisa.
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