Major and Slight


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Major adjective – Sufficiently large in size, amount, or number to merit attention.
Usage example: with several blockbuster hits under her belt, the actress now commands some major cash for appearing in a movie

Slight is an antonym for major.
Nearby Words: majority, majored, majoring
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Slight adjective – Lacking importance.
Usage example: a slight comedy that did nothing to further her career

Major is an antonym for slight in insignificant topic.
Nearby Words: slightly, slighted, slighting, slightingly
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Similar words of slight
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Things that words describes

crush major crush slight crush
change major change slight change
point major point slight point
problem major problem slight problem
Other nouns: twist, advantage, case, example, influence, difference, shift, damage, flaw, exception, elements, issues, problems, changes, differences, twists.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Freedom Planet Serpentine, Prince Dail, Syntax, and even Brevon's battle cruiser are fought more than once, albeit with slight or major differences in each battle.
  • After all, people will seek revenge on slight injuries, for major injuries they cannot.
  • Anime / Smile Pretty Cure! There are slight differences in hairstyle and major differences in attire, however.
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