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Majority noun – The largest part or quantity of something.
Nearly all and majority are semantically related In some cases you can use "Nearly all" instead the word "Majority" as a pronoun or a noun.
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Majority and nearly all are semantically related in most topic. You can use "Majority" instead the phrase "Nearly all" as a pronoun or a noun, if it concerns topics such as large part of a group.
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  • Western Animation / TaleSpin While they are nearly all bumbling wackos the majority of them do at least pose as a sort of plausible threat.
  • Video Game / Fossil Fighters Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: The vast majority of Vivosaurs are absent in Frontier, in particular nearly all of the non-dinosaur Vivosaurs are gone, with the exception of a few pterosaurs.
  • Nearly all of de Sade's characters male and female, the majority of whom, with the arguably exception of Philosophy in the Bedroom, are by any sane standard very sadistic as well.
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