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Male adjective – Of, relating to, or marked by qualities traditionally associated with men.
Usage example: the radio program offers both male and female perspectives on many common relationship issues

Womanly is an antonym for male in masculine topic.
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Womanly adjective – Of, relating to, or marked by qualities traditionally associated with women.
Usage example: the novelist displays a womanly sensitivity to the characters' feelings

Male is an antonym for womanly.
Nearby Words: woman, womanhood, womanish, womanliness
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Things that words describes

character male character womanly character
form male form womanly form
figure male figure womanly figure
voice male voice womanly voice

Both words in one sentence

  • Fairy Sexy Interestingly, the male elf, Puck, is practically naked (though he lacks genitals), whereas Evarella has something of a skirt to hide her womanly parts.
    Source: Fairy Sexy
  • All Women Love Shoes Carver of The Weekenders is a rare male example and possibly an aversion as there is no hint to the trope otherwise and no character ever compares the closet full of shoes to a womanly tendency.
  • The fact that Sheik's design in the fourth game backtracks ever so slightly from her more womanly-looking features in Brawl (despite retaining a large basis in her Brawl appearance) and Sheik is split off from Zelda this time around has the "Sheik is male" camp taking up arms yet again.
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