Male child and Son

Male child

Male child noun - A youthful male person.
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Synonyms for Male child

Son and male child are semantically related in guy topic. In some cases you can use "Son" instead a noun phrase "Male child".


Son noun - A male human offspring.
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Synonyms for Son

Male child and son are semantically related in guy topic. You can use "Male child" instead a noun "Son". popular alternative

Both terms in one sentence

  • Meaningful Name: Lord Hijo, hijo in Spanish being 'son' but is used specifically when referring to a male child - and sometimes instead of chico for just any male child - which shows innocence.
  • Heir Club for Men In the original novel, Duke Leto's concubine Lady Jessica was supposed to have a daughter for the Bene Gesserit, but Leto wanted a son, and she went along with him, although it is not made clear if he wanted a son for reasons of getting an heir or just wanted a son because he wanted a male child.
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