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Maniac noun – A person judged to be legally or medically insane.
Usage example: they should permanently put away the maniac who is responsible for these kidnappings

Psychopath is a synonym for maniac in lunatic topic. In some cases you can use "Psychopath" instead a noun "Maniac", when it comes to topics like overenthusiastic, madman or madwoman. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mania, maniacal, manic, maniacally
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Psychopath noun – A person judged to be legally or medically insane.
Usage example: declared that he was a dangerous psychopath who needed to be locked up

Maniac is a synonym for psychopath in madman topic. You can use "Maniac" instead a noun "Psychopath", if it concerns topics such as often prone to hurt others. popular alternative
Nearby Words: psychopathic, psychopathy
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How words are described

pure pure maniac pure psychopath
complete complete maniac complete psychopath
utter utter maniac utter psychopath
total total maniac total psychopath
Other adjectives: genuine, depraved, real, violent, raging, dangerous, callous, unstable, deranged, cold-blooded, bloodthirsty, murderous, borderline, outright, ruthless, racist, obsessed, titular, insane, crazed, local, resident, paranoid, power-hungry.

Both words in one sentence

  • This friend is someone who, while not a homicidal maniac themselves (at least not outwardly, since it's possible to be an extremely low-key psychopath), helps a maniac get away with their rampages.
  • Series / Xena: Warrior Princess However, Alti, Dahak and Hope were actually to-the-core evil, and Caesar was an egotistical maniac cross psychopath drowning in his own narcissism.
  • The only person we've seen him talk with that was completely immune to John's charming skills is Moriarty, who's an Ax-Crazy psychopath bordering Omnicidal Maniac.
    Source: Magnetic Hero
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