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Manifest adjective – Not subject to misinterpretation or more than one interpretation.
Revealed and manifest are semantically related in clear topic. In some cases you can use "Revealed" instead an adjective "Manifest".
Nearby Words: manifestation, manifestly, manifested, manifesto, manifesting
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Defintions of Revealed not found.
Manifest and revealed are semantically related in show topic. You can use "Manifest" instead the word "Revealed" as an adjective or a verb.
Nearby Words: reveal, revealing
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  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy Hyrule Warriors: Lana is revealed near the end of the first act of the game to be Cia's good side made manifest, and thus shares Cia's feelings for Link, though in a far less yandere way.
  • Noughties Drama Series There are characters with powers that suddenly manifest, and there the history of the town is very strange and slowly revealed.
  • Video Game / Project X Zone It's revealed that Oros Phlox are themselves the stone, or more specifically, it's will manifest, and are trying to unite all the worlds.
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