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Manner noun – A distinctive way of putting ideas into words.
Usage example: the former doctor writes his novels very much in the manner of someone who is used to observing the smallest details

Tone is a synonym for manner in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Tone" instead a noun "Manner", when it comes to topics like style, conduct, method. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mannerly, mannerism, mannered, mannerless, mannerist
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Tone noun – A distinctive way of putting ideas into words.
Usage example: the angry tone of his letter makes it clear he doesn't want to speak to me ever again

Manner is a synonym for tone in attitude topic. You can use "Manner" instead a noun "Tone", if it concerns topics such as style. popular alternative
Nearby Words: toneless, toned, toning, tonal
Synonyms for Tone

How words are described

gentle gentle manner gentle tone
exact exact manner exact tone
calm calm manner calm tone
similar similar manner similar tone
Other adjectives: normal, usual, positive, appropriate, polite, friendly, mature, sinister, sarcastic, serious, condescending, threatening, humorous, seductive, dramatic, comical, casual, different, realistic, creepy, comedic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Halloweentown Ambiguously Gay: The werewolf barber has an effeminate manner and tone of voice but he is never seen to be attracted to men.
  • Sophisticated as Hell This Dorkly bit of Final Fantasy I has Warrior speaking in a very eloquent tone and manner while cursing like a sailor.
  • Series / Fresh Meat His Establishing Character Moment is trying to get Kingsley to do coke with him in a toilet and coming across as a typical posh twat, then asking to go for a drink with him in a different manner and tone of voice.
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