Meadow and Plain


Meadow noun - A field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay.
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Synonyms for Meadow

Plain and meadow are semantically related in steppe topic. In some cases you can use "Plain" instead a noun "Meadow", when it comes to topics like grassy field.

Nearby Words: mead, meadowy


Plain noun - A broad area of level or rolling treeless country.
Usage example: the first settlers in that area lived on the vast plains in lonely log cabins

Meadow and plain are semantically related in steppe topic. You can use "Meadow" instead a noun "Plain", if it concerns topics such as level land.

Nearby Words: plainly, plainness, plaint

How words are described

full full meadow full plain
open open meadow open plain
empty empty meadow empty plain
large large meadow large plain
Other adjectives: huge, idyllic, beautiful, peaceful, mysterious, grassy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Animation / The Little Mole The Old Owl realises what went wrong, comforts him, and points at a plain looking flower on the meadow, translating its Latin name with the Czech term.
  • For example, the latest arc began with a Rapunzel Haired Pibgorn messing around with dewdrops in a meadow, with the panels interrupted by a giant rack-focused number 8 on a plain white background out of nowhere.
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