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Meaning noun – The message that is intended or expressed or signified.
Usage example: what is the meaning of this sentence

Substance is a synonym for meaning in significance topic. In some cases you can use "Substance" instead a noun "Meaning", when it comes to topics like essence, message. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mean, means, meaningful, meaningless, meaningly
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Substance noun – The idea that is intended.
Meaning is a synonym for substance in purpose topic. You can use "Meaning" instead a noun "Substance", if it concerns topics such as significance, essence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: substantial, substantiate, substantially, substantiality, substantiation
Synonyms for Substance

How words are described

clear clear meaning clear substance
special special meaning special substance
similar similar meaning similar substance
common common meaning common substance
Other adjectives: specific, actual, real, little, new, different.

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  • Baby Planet They still have approximately the same gravity, however, meaning either the planets are denser than any known substance, or that the Kerbal-verse has an increased constant of gravitation.
    Source: Baby Planet
  • Energy Beings As they lack substance, they're tragically fragile without their energy shields, meaning they may be less useful than the sum of their parts if you're facing an enemy that can deplete shields.
    Source: Energy Beings
  • Anything made of this substance is indestructible, meaning in game terms that it can't be destroyed or killed (although it can be removed through indirect means).
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