Means and Property


Means noun - How a result is obtained or an end is achieved.
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Synonyms for Means

Property is a synonym for means in wealth topic. In some cases you can use "Property" instead a noun "Means", when it comes to topics like capital, resources, money.

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Property noun - A small piece of land that is developed or available for development.
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Synonyms for Property

Means is a synonym for property in possessions topic. You can use "Means" instead a noun "Property", if it concerns topics such as wealth, capital, resources.

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How words are described

known known means known property
human human means human property
old old means old property
physical physical means physical property
Other adjectives: special, common, natural, certain, legal, obvious, popular, actual, real, new, sole, military, different, various, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Hellfire There's only one per shot, it's Dark property instead of Fire, which means it's watered down against many endgame bosses (like Drac himself), and, most importantly, it consumes HP equal to one sixth of Shanoa's capacity per shot!
    Source: Hellfire
  • What isn't quoted is the part of the "Communist Manifesto" wherein he and Engels explain that private property refers only to the means of production, i.e.
    Source: Quote Mine
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning In Heaven's Lost Property, Ikaros' eyes turning red means she has entered battle mode.
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