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Means noun – How a result is obtained or an end is achieved.
Ways is a synonym for means. In some cases you can use "Ways" instead a noun "Means".
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Ways noun – Structure consisting of a sloping way down to the water from the place where ships are built or repaired.
Means is a synonym for ways in method topic. You can use "Means" instead a noun "Ways".
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  • Clark Kenting Fables has the Witching Cloak which can disguise the wearer in many ways and means.
    Source: Clark Kenting
  • The Immodest Orgasm A piece in The Vagina Monologues was about various ways and means women moan during sex, featuring an array of all orgasms immodest—and modest, given that the impression of a WASP woman was to make no sound at all.
  • Chinese Laborer While the Christian protagonists don't quite agree with his use of joss sticks, and "the ways and means of his mysteriously conducted kitchen", he is a "capital cook", and the ladies appreciate the way he likes to decorate the food he serves.
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