Mechanics and Technology


Mechanics noun - The characteristic peculiarities and technicalities of something.
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Synonyms for Mechanics

Technology and mechanics are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Technology" with "Mechanics", this nouns are similar.


Technology noun - The practical application of science to commerce or industry.
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Synonyms for Technology

Mechanics and technology are semantically related in electronics topic. You can use "Mechanics" instead a noun "Technology".

Both words in one sentence

  • He has some understanding of the Locust language and a head for technology and mechanics.
  • Video Game / Kerbal Space Program Interplanetary Voyage: No science-fiction technology for you — if you want to explore the local solar system, you have to do it the old-fashioned way, with rockets and orbital mechanics.
  • Southern-Fried Genius Jim in Creature Tech is a bumpkin redneck with a heavy Southern drawl who demonstrates rather marvelous skills in particle and quantum physics, electronics, mechanics and alien technology.
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