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Medieval adjective – Having passed its time of use or usefulness.
Usage example: get rid of that medieval kerosene stove—it stinks and it's dangerous

Old-fashioned is a synonym for medieval in old topic. In some cases you can use "Old-fashioned" instead an adjective "Medieval".
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Synonyms for Medieval


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Old-fashioned adjective – Pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time.
Medieval is a synonym for old-fashioned. You can use "Medieval" instead an adjective phrase "Old-fashioned".
Synonyms for Old-fashioned

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  • Purple Prose These characters often speak in very convoluted, semi-old-fashioned speech similar to ye olde medieval, but many writers make them incomprehensible.
    Source: Purple Prose
  • Author Vocabulary Calendar It's not always clear whether they are deliberate attempts to get a more old-fashioned feeling for his medieval-esque world, or this trope.
  • Courtly Love A Sister Trope to Old-Fashioned Rowboat Date which is a similar romantic ideal that started up centuries after the medieval European period.
    Source: Courtly Love
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