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Memorable adjective – Not easily forgotten.
Well-known and memorable are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Well-known" instead an adjective "Memorable".
Nearby Words: memorial, memorably, memorability
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Well-known adjective – Widely known.
Memorable and well-known are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Memorable" instead an adjective phrase "Well-known".
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  • Good Thing You Can Heal The most well-known and memorable is when you convince a man that he doesn't exist, and he simply poofs out of existence when he realizes that he believes your logic.
  • Evil Costume Switch Perhaps the most memorable and well-known example is Spider-Man's black costume.
  • Music / Jarvis Cocker His most well-known and memorable foray has been into the world of music with Pulp and his solo career, where his catchy tunes and witty, observational style of lyric writing have garnered praise from critics and fans.Jarvis was something of a misfit even in childhood.
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