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Mentor noun – A wise and trusted guide and advisor.
Student is an antonym for mentor in person who advises topic.
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Student noun – One who attends a school.
Mentor is an antonym for student.
Nearby Words: study, studentship
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Similar words of mentor
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Similar words of student
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How words are described

old old mentor old student
good good mentor good student
female female mentor female student
best best mentor best student
Other adjectives: dead, powerful, actual, male, great, black, excellent, young, personal, former, mysterious, older, previous, favorite.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ho Yay / Live-Action TV And if that's not your thing, there's Duncan/Richie for the mentor/student shippers, and Joe's epic Bromance with Duncan AND Methos.
  • After Barbara Gordon/Batgirl has sex with Batman, she argues that they can go back to their previous student/mentor relationship.
  • Mistaken for Loved One: The person may mistook him/her for their family, friends, comrades, a mentor or student.
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