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Mentor noun – A wise and trusted guide and advisor.
Teacher is a synonym for mentor in master topic. In some cases you can use "Teacher" instead a noun "Mentor", when it comes to topics like education, guide, trainer, adviser. popular alternative
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Teacher noun – A person whose occupation is to give formal instruction in a school.
Usage example: a young man who ardently wants to become a teacher and teach first grade

Mentor is a synonym for teacher in master topic. You can use "Mentor" instead a noun "Teacher", if it concerns topics such as education, guide, adviser, pedagogue. popular alternative
Nearby Words: teach, teaching, teachable
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beloved beloved mentor beloved teacher
old old mentor old teacher
good good mentor good teacher
female female mentor female teacher
Other adjectives: best, original, wise, dead, actual, real, male, big, great, black, excellent, main, young, spiritual, magic, new, former, retired, older, previous, elderly, favorite.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the Lark and the Wren, Rune/Lark gradually falls in love with Talaysen/Wren, the head and founder of the Free Bards, after he becomes her teacher/mentor.
    Source: Mentor Ship
  • Teacher/Student Romance The basis for this type of relationship — if it's actually a romance and not just a Sextra Credit arrangement — can either be the adoration and respect toward the teacher/mentor figure or the teacher's protective and caring instincts, or both.
  • Cool Teacher Feeny, who actually turns out to be something of a cool teacher and mentor to the students himself.
    Source: Cool Teacher
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