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Mess noun – A state in which everything is out of order.
Solution is an antonym for mess in topics: disorder, difficulty.
Nearby Words: messy, messed, messing
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Solution noun – Something attained by mental effort and especially by computation.
Mess is an antonym for solution.
Nearby Words: solve, soluble, solubility, solute
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How words are described

usual usual mess usual solution
entire entire mess entire solution
real real mess real solution
violent violent mess violent solution
Other adjectives: complicated, general, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Star Trek: String Theory Cosmic Retcon: The solution to the entire mess eventually involves rewriting thousands of years of history.
  • Video Game / The Fool's Errand Only three recipients worked out the solution: "Merry Christmas." The Great Politics Mess-Up: The last game where you'd expect it, but the country-themed Crossword Puzzle includes both Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.
  • His 'solution' to the Goblin Nation mess was to cure Norman Osborn's insanity.
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