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Meter noun – The recurrent pattern formed by a series of sounds having a regular rise and fall in intensity.
Usage example: the poem's heavy meter is meant to reinforce the atmosphere of gloom

Swing is a synonym for meter in rhythm topic. In some cases you can use "Swing" instead a noun "Meter", when it comes to topics like repetition, music.
Nearby Words: mete, metre, metering, meterage
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Swing noun – Changing location by moving back and forth.
Meter is a synonym for swing in repetition topic. You can use "Meter" instead a noun "Swing", if it concerns topics such as moving back and forth.
Nearby Words: swinging, swinger, swingle
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  • Manga / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray It's supposed to be able to swing a 150 meter katana, far larger and denser than itself.
  • Video Game / Warframe Warframes also appear to greatly increase the users strength, allows the Tenno to literally punch an enemy in half and swing two meter long swords.
  • Dark Conspiracy supplement DarkTek: The Monofilament Machete's blade is 3-4 molecules wide and 1 meter long, with a small red ball on the end so the user can gauge their swing.
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