Metropolis and Town


Metropolis noun - A thickly settled, highly populated area.
Usage example: a big, teeming metropolis where ambitious people from all over come to make their mark

Town is a synonym for metropolis in city topic. In some cases you can use "Town" instead a noun "Metropolis", when it comes to topics like urban. popular alternative


Town noun - A thickly settled, highly populated area.
Usage example: after driving for miles with nothing but corn and wheat fields to look at, we were relieved to roll into a small town and have a bite to eat at the local diner
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Synonyms for Town

Metropolis is a synonym for town in city topic. You can use "Metropolis" instead a noun "Town", if it concerns topics such as urban, incorporated community. popular alternative

Nearby Words: township, townsman

How words are described

old old metropolis old town
full full metropolis full town
typical typical metropolis typical town
complete complete metropolis complete town
Other adjectives: original, single, entire, real, large, little, major, abandoned, ruined, former, underground, fictional, titular, strange, last, thriving, modern, unnamed, southern, industrial, coastal, European.

Both words in one sentence

  • The southeastern district of the city is called "Old Town" in-game, even though it's architecturally identical to the rest of the metropolis and was ostensibly (re)built at the same time.
    Source: New Neo City
  • Series / Mama's Family Let's add to the confusion by mentioning that there is an actual Raytown, Missouri, which is a suburb of Kansas City, but that the fictional Raytown (a small town unconnected to a metropolis) and real Raytown (suburban bedroom community) are completely different.
  • In Smallville the name-giving town and the city of Metropolis seem sometimes directly adjacent and sometimes it's a three-hour ride with the car.
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