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Minion noun – A person or thing that is preferred over others.
Yes-man is a synonym for minion in sycophant topic. In some cases you can use "Yes-man" instead a noun "Minion". informal substitute
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Yes-man noun – A person of unquestioning obedience.
Minion is a synonym for yes-man in sycophant topic. You can use "Minion" instead a noun phrase "Yes-man", if it concerns topics such as someone following orders without question. popular alternative
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  • Anime / Samurai 7 Enigmatic Minion: Tessai seems like a simple flunky and yes-man to Ukyo... until it's revealed later on that he's a former samurai with skills to rival Kambei's.
  • The Goodies: A Yes-Man in one episode has the quite simple name of "Arthur Minion".
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