Miserable and Pathetic


Miserable adjective - Deserving of one's pity.
Usage example: miserable refugees from the war-torn country

Pathetic is a synonym for miserable in pitiful topic. In some cases you can use "Pathetic" instead an adjective "Miserable", when it comes to topics like unhappy, paltry, wretched, squalid. informal substitute

Nearby Words: misery, miserly, miserably, miser


Pathetic adjective - Deserving of one's pity.
Usage example: the plight of the homeless family was quite pathetic

Miserable is a synonym for pathetic in pitiful topic. You can use "Miserable" instead an adjective "Pathetic", if it concerns topics such as inadequate, feeble, sad, paltry. popular alternative

Nearby Words: pathos, pathetically, pathetics

Both words in one sentence

  • Obliviously Evil Or, for a dose of Alternate Character Interpretation: Haggard knows exactly what he is, making him even more miserable and pathetic.
  • The Nostalgia Chick might be as pathetic and miserable as the Critic, but her temper is scarier, she can worm her way out of trouble easier, she's stronger than him despite their height difference, and she'll stoop to any level to get what she wants.
  • Cool Loser: Jessica gets called out on being one by a lot of other students in college, who were genuine losers in high school and aren't impressed by the fact that while she was objectively pretty successful, she still always felt pathetic and miserable.
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