Misery and Sadness


Misery noun - A state of great suffering of body or mind.
Usage example: a medication that promises to provide greater relief to those living in chronic misery because of arthritis

Sadness is a synonym for misery in unhappiness topic. In some cases you can use "Sadness" instead a noun "Misery", when it comes to topics like sorrow, grief, pain. popular alternative

Nearby Words: miserable, miser


Sadness noun - A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: she was filled with sadness at the thought of having to leave her family

Misery is a synonym for sadness in unhappiness topic. You can use "Misery" instead a noun "Sadness", if it concerns topics such as sorrow. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sad, sadly

How words are described

human human misery human sadness
pure pure misery pure sadness
sheer sheer misery sheer sadness
open open misery open sadness
Other adjectives: obvious, visible, real, collective, extreme, terrible, absolute, beautiful, general, eternal, subsequent, eventual, over-the-top, suppressed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Later on, he expresses his beliefs that there is no good in the One Piece at all, and that all it is a magnet that draws people onto paths filled with misery and sadness.
  • Fan Fic / Gensokyo 20XX Is that what you want, to be quiet and act like everything is fine,while you stagger around in darkness, living in misery and sadness?
  • Just round the corner is sadness and misery
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