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Miss verb – To fail to attend.
Note is an antonym for miss in fail topic.
Nearby Words: missed, missing
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Note verb – To make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes.
Usage example: note the artist's rendering of the trees, how their leaves seem to dance in the wind

Miss is an antonym for note in observe topic.
Nearby Words: noted, notation, noting, Noteholder
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Similar words of miss
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Similar words of note
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How words are described

good good miss good note
low low miss low note
brief brief miss brief note
short short miss short note
Other adjectives: single, big, last, literal.

Common collocations

part miss part note part
reference miss reference note reference
appearance miss appearance note appearance
number miss number note number
Other nouns: scene, time, fact, way, damage, times, events.

Both words in one sentence

  • Note it's easy to miss that it's a Z-3 and not a Z-2, since its status is only confirmed in a single, blink and you miss it line of dialogue from a Cyberman in the previous episode.
  • Video Game / Rock Band If you tap Green or Red, which are BELOW Yellow, it ALSO counts as a miss and combo break, even if there is a smaller (HOPO) green or red note immediately after the yellow note. Upside?
  • Video Game / Guitar Hero All or Nothing: Unlike in many other rhythm games, the game either counts you hitting the note or declares it a miss.
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