Misunderstanding and Peace


Misunderstanding noun - A failure to understand correctly.

Peace is an antonym for misunderstanding in topics: argument, instance of having the wrong idea.

Nearby Word: misunderstand


Peace noun - A state without war.

Misunderstanding is an antonym for peace.

How words are described

human human misunderstanding human peace
complete complete misunderstanding complete peace
total total misunderstanding total peace
genuine genuine misunderstanding genuine peace
Other adjectives: simple, real, little, general, possible, mutual, sudden.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bug War By the time humanity sued for peace over the misunderstanding, they had already pissed off several (otherwise innocent) Hiver clans with (from their POV) unprovoked attacks.
    Source: Bug War
  • There was a misunderstanding, but it would all be OK if Kif didn't cough while smoking the Peace Pipe.
  • The Heroes do make peace with them, but a slight misunderstanding (one Beast accidentally stepping on a gun) causes another fight, and the Heroes blast their nest to pieces, letting the colony fall into a lake of acid.
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