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Mockery noun – A poor, insincere, or insulting imitation of something.
Usage example: the resort's Old West show for tourists is a mockery of Native American culture

Parody is a synonym for mockery in travesty topic. In some cases you can use "Parody" instead a noun "Mockery", when it comes to topics like respect, pretence, caricature. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mock, mocking, mocker, mockingly
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Parody noun – A work that imitates and exaggerates another work for comic effect.
Usage example: the musical is a parody of every biblical epic ever made

Mockery is a synonym for parody in travesty topic. You can use "Mockery" instead a noun "Parody", if it concerns topics such as respect, pretence, caricature, imitation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: parodied, parodist, parodying
Synonyms for Parody

How words are described

common common mockery common parody
direct direct mockery direct parody
complete complete mockery complete parody
light light mockery light parody
Other adjectives: blatant, grotesque, massive, extreme, little, dark, clever, deliberate, light-hearted, general, twisted, outright, intentional, lighthearted, over-the-top.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Andrew Lloyd Webber Into the early 1990s, his were among the very few stage musicals to have songs released as singles—and even music videos—in the U.K.However, his success has made him ever ripe for mockery and parody.
  • In the eighties, the novelty song "Star Trekkin'" was a hit, and its single came with a B-side that used Star Trekkin's basic layout and lyrics to make a very vicious parody and mockery of the Beastie Boys.
  • Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo: What Raven and Beast Boy are doing reflects a type of comedy that Japan has called Manzai, where there is a serious straight and an irreverent idiot (Boke and Tsukkomi Routine), only it's in an American parody and mockery of the original Japanese Manzai.
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